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The city that opens its doors

Cartagena was to live its period of greatest splendour under Roman rule between the end of the 3rd Century B.C. and the beginnings of the 2nd Century A.D. In 44 B.C., it was to receive the title of Colony under the denomination Colonia Urbs Iulia Nova Carthago. The city's importance rested, together with its mining riches, on its privileged position and the uniqueness of its topography, surrounded by hills and with a lake or inland sea (El Almarjal), to the north, which enabled the city to be easily defended. With the end of the Roman Empire, the city entered a period of decadence about which we have little information.

During the XX Century, Cartagena experienced a new prosperity through the establishment of numerous industrial companies in the area known as Valle de Escombreras, a situation that was to last until the industrial crisis at the beginning of the 1990's. Since recovering from this new downturn, Cartagena has looked to its past as one of its main attractions. Thus, the city entered the XXI Century immersed in a recovery programme and with a new perception of its rich historical, artistic and archaeological heritage.

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Enlaces directos
Hotel Cartagonova
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