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Cartagena, Roman Theatre 2000 years of History

The discovery and excavation of the Roman Theatre of Cartagena is one of the most surprising archaeological discoveries of the city.

This site has remained hidden for centuries because of it's location in an area of the city uninterruptedly inhabited. For this reason its original features remained hidden with the passage of time. An example of this inhabitation was the partial superimposition of the Old Cathedral on the top part of the Roman Theatre, one of the major singularities of this archaeological collection.

An imposing building with a capacity for 6000 people whose particular characteristics certify the important role played by Cartagena in the history of the Ancient Hispania.

Moreover, its proximity to some of the more emblematic buildings such as the Cathedral, the City Council Palace, the medieval Castle and the port facilities, makes it one of the most attractive places and monuments of Cartagena.

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